Amy Robinson

Amy has always believed that art is life, and life is art. At an early age she would create custom cards, and artistic gifts for every occasion – even drawing on the napkins when she was setting the table, to match the plates or the holiday. Her love for the arts led her to dance and sing, as well as to pick up the brush. Luckily just down the road and on her way home from school, lived a watercolorist and family friend, Shirley Bailey. Amy spent many an afternoon painting there, and then at the home of another Salt Lake watercolor artist, Harold Peterson.

Love of the arts led to love of the history of art and she completed her BA in Art History at Brigham Young University, as well as a minor in dance. Dancing with the BYU Folk Dance Ensemble and the BYU Modern Dancers’ Company took her around the world to Canada, Europe, Asia, India, and beyond where she saw first hand the art and architecture she had studied, as well as experiencing memories and vistas that could never be found in books.

She is currently striving to master the “art” of motherhood and is enjoying every moment with her 2 young girls: whom she calls her true “masterpieces.” If and when she finds a quiet moment she enjoys sitting down to her easel and bringing paper to life with her watercolors.

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